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Claresa shop - everything for hybrid nails in one place

Do you like gel nail polish manicure? Then your collection is for sure bursting with various products. However, when shopping for new styles, you would definitely like to find all products in one place, right? We bet that many times when you go to the shop you did not find what you were looking for – your favorite gel polish colour, the right base, the right file or any other thing that is necessary for you to make hybrid nails. It’s frustrating and you will definitely agree. Especially if you have planned your shopping after work, you are tired and you do not want to visit five other shops searching what you need for your dream nail design.


The most durable and the most beautiful gel nail polishes

Our hybrid varnishes have no competition and it is the truest truth. They have many wonderful and one-of-a-kind features, including:

  • Indestructibility – our gel nail polishes are very durable and stay on the nails for up to 3 weeks. They don’t fear any housework, so you do not have to worry about nails chipping off
  • Fabulous – you won’t find such colours anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you prefer soft pastels, flashy neon or maybe classic reds: with us you will find everything and more
  • Unique – you won’t find such well-pigmented and expressive colors anywhere else. Intense colours make it difficult to resist them and take your eyes off them
  • Economical – high pigmentation means that often just one layer is enough for a wonderful, full coverage and phenomenal color in your design
  • Fast – the fan-shaped brush makes the application of hybrid varnishes instantaneous and the medium-thick consistency means that the gel polish doesn’t run off the nail plate and doesn’t flood the cuticles


Whole assortment for styling hybrid nails

After all, phenomenal hybrid manicure includes not only gel polishes, but also many other products. You can find all of them here, so not even the most amazing design will be a problem for you. Are you dreaming of a funky party manicure? You can find various types of decorations and brushes, thanks to which you can create them. Would you like to extend your nails because your natural nail plate is causing trouble? No problem at all – various styling gels are waiting only for you. Or maybe your UV / LED lamp has too low power and is only suitable for the bin? Then you will find one with the right power that won’t disappoint you. Check yourself that at Claresa shop you will find everything and much more.

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